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In a statement provided to Nation Shield, the Armed Forces monthly journal, President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa also spoke about the approaching ''Year of Zayed'' in 2018, which will mark 100 years since the birth of the founding father, and urged citizens to make the year one for "loyalty and belonging, as well as for the enhancement of creative and innovative practices that enable our state to become a pivotal actor regionally and globally.
The founding fathers of our beloved country believed in the unlimited potential of the youth.
Forefathers & Founding Fathers is available in E-Book format as well as Paperback on Amazon.
The Etihad Museum inspires visitors with the story of the most significant moment in the UAE's timeline -- the birth of the country at Union House -- which would not have been possible without the dedication of the Founding Fathers.
The Founding Fathers realized the conflict between the 1790 Act and the definition they used, acknowledging that Congress cannot define a natural born citizen under the Constitution.
He thanked the founding fathers who toiled to lay the foundation of the Bank as well as those who overcame many obstacles to bring the Bank this far.
A special ceremony was held at Wembley Stadium for relatives of the eight Founding Fathers of football who formed the FA and a Blue Plaque was unveiled to pay tribute to them and their work.
The largest breweries in America are now foreign-owned, and Founding Fathers is not only owned and brewed in America--half of our profits will go to those serving in our armed forces and their families," said Phil Knutsen, founder and CEO.
The Founding Fathers also drew upon principles from Muslim civilizations, among many others, in fashioning the American political and judicial system.
Taking the marital situations as a lens by which to view the founding fathers in their rounded, and sometimes spiky, figures, Fleming concentrates more on the public acts of the men than on his stated route.
SIX of Merseyside football's founding fathers were back in their Liverpool home this week.
The Founding Fathers are called ahead of their time for a reason, as much of their ideas and concepts still hold very well today.