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Pre-SBT cardiopulmonary baseline measurements were performed in Fowler's position with the patient on [FIO.
There is no real way up or out of darkness, no real way back through constricted caverns clotted with loudening fearfulness, fouled, filthy, crawling toward light, I am reaching for light in a dream, whatever time has passed as my body thickens in middle age, I sweat and shoot straight up, Fowler's position in a hospital bed, dull-eyed to whatever the white-clad apparitions want of me, would have me do, as they try to get in and I try to get out of my head.
While much has been made of Fowler's position as the third choice striker, it should be noted that Litmanen was preferred ahead of him by Gerard Houllier on the last two occasions before the manager took ill.