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Fracture toughness tests were carried out on single edge notched bend specimens (SENB).
The goal of the present work is building up a physical model which makes it possible to simplify fracture toughness assessment within a wide temperature range.
As part of the development of the mode I fracture toughness standard [14] in the framework of the round robin noted above [18,19] delamination tests on the AS4/PEEK CFRP specimens were performed with an equipment that allowed for in-situ X-ray radiography and image recording on video (described in [20]) simultaneously with AE monitoring [21].
Sperling, "Mechanical behaviour of poly(methyl methacrylate)--part 1 Tensile strength and fracture toughness," Journal of Materials Science, vol.
The fracture toughness was also performed on the samples after swelling which have been soaked into water for 5 days.
Redried neat EPON 862, free of void-filling water, showed 29% reduction in fracture toughness compared to the as-prepared neat EPON 862 samples.
One of the objectives of the STTR programme was the development of an inexpensive, ultra-strength steel with high fracture toughness that could be used in Navy aircraft applications.
The study of rock fracture toughness is one of the current frequent directions of research in the area of rock failure.
1) utilizes small samples for fracture toughness testing of bone.
Dow Airstone 77-T3 optimizes wind blade mechanical performance, providing 30 percent greater fracture toughness for increased blade durability.