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In 2010 he played on for 25 minutes with a fractured skull after clashing heads with Wigan's Lee Mossop while playing on loan for Harlequins.
Eaton, however, said witness accounts that Ryder had been punched and kicked were 'wildly inaccurate' and he had not in fact suffered a fractured skull.
A doctor said that fractured skulls, especially in babies, may not be obvious until a couple of days later when the swelling begins.
A POLICE officer said seeing his working dog suffer a fractured skull after being struck by a brick during the riots in Tottenham was like seeing his "best friend and closest colleague" injured.
A 22-YEAR-OLD man remained in hospital with a fractured skull last night after an unprovoked attack by a group of moped riders.
A Kuwaiti brain and cosmetic surgeries consultant has conducted a successful cosmetic surgery on a fractured skull of a girl who had been in a car crash.
A MAN is to face trial accused of raping a 44-yearold Midland woman who also suffered a fractured skull when she was attacked.
Gordon, who had a fractured skull, died days later.
A man suffered a suspected fractured skull when the end of an exhaust smashed through his windscreen as he drove along the M40 in Warwickshire yesterday.
SIX people have been arrested after a fight left a man with a fractured skull.
The nine-year-old was left fighting for life after he was crushed by a quarter-tonne steel gate and suffered a fractured skull.
CERIUM'S shock run to finish fifth in the John Smith's Grand National is even more remarkable as he ran at least a circuit of the race with a fractured skull.