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Als der Ich-Erzahler Frau Bruckers Fotoalbum durchblattert, verfolgt er anhand der "Bilder aus den 50er und 60er Jahren" (75) den bescheidenen wirtschaftlichen Aufstieg der Familie Brucker.
Mae 'na agoriad i mewn i'r anifail sy'n cael ei alw'n madreporit ac yn y seren frau, mae hwn ar ochr isaf y corff.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Enrico Raggi De Marini, EMEA market director of Poltrona Frau Group explained that one of the reasons behind their success is that they address the future without ever forgetting the past.
At a recent briefing held in the presence of CDC general manager (business development) Peter Sholy, Poltona Frau Group Europe and Middle East Asia director Enrico Raggi De Marini said the new outlet - spread over 600sqm at La Croisette, The Pearl-Qatar - is the third store of the group in the GCC .
In 1940, the magazine Die Frau announced that "today the academically talented woman not only can study, she is expected to train and work, where she can accomplish the most.
Lille: Landreau Mickael , Balmont, Ludovic, Emerson, Frau (69th Min Gervinho), Beria Franck, Aurelien, Adil, Mavuba, Eden Hazard (Min.
These are just a few of the most recent highly prestigious projects that have contributed to establishing the Poltrona Frau Group, with the Poltrona Frau, Cassina, Cappellini and Alias brands, as a reliable partner capable of formulating targeted proposals for each contract thanks to the excellence of each of its companies.
Frau went out for dinner following the 2-1 defeat in a bid to cheer himself up but his mood soon got even darker.
Local police said that as Frau was getting into his car, he was approached by men in a car with flashing lights.
The dramatic characterization is particularly impressive, however, especially in the key relationship between Frau Margot and Kara, here vividly sung by soprano Lauren Flanigan and mezzo Patricia Risley.
Ignoring the storm clouds of war (it's 1939, and Hitler is about to march into Poland), Wisocky's Frau frantically initiates filming of Kleist's romantic tragedy "Penthesilea," casting herself in the title role.
A Frau is a Frau is a Frau, as Gertrude Stein would have said.