Fraud while ordering goods

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Country: United States of AmCountry: United States of America
State: Utah

I sent someone $2300.00 for some ipods over a month ago and I got a package but it was not my ipods. I asked for a refund of my money this person said that he was going to send it but I have not gotten it yet and I don't think he will send it. Most people say that I don't really have a case because I only used e-mails to communicate with this person and I sent this person a cashiers check & the arrangement was not through any auction site or any other legal site (only e-mail).Please be honest if I take further actions what are my chances; will I end up spending more money than I lost? I just want to know before I do anything.


You may file a police and/or FBI report for fraud, and file in small claims court where they live as well if you know who they are.
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