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The fraudulent investment scheme involved a total sum of RO19,552,000.
In the context of a fraudulent investment scheme, the amount invested includes the original investment and any subsequent investments, as well as any fictitious income from the investment which was included on the taxpayer's federal income tax return and reinvested in the scheme.
The promoter of this fraudulent investment scheme had been arrested.
MANILA -- Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said Friday the government would treat Manuel Amalilio as a "high risk detainee" not just because of the risk of flight but because people angered by losing money in his fraudulent investment scheme might try to get back at him.
3 billion yen through a fraudulent investment scheme.
The charges stemmed from a fraudulent investment scheme involving "worthless, non-existent prime bank notes and securities.
The witnesses said Co set up the Aman Futures Group-Manila after the original Aman Futures Group headed by the Malaysian, Aman Amalillio, closed down after taking P12 billion from some 15,000 investors in the Visayas and Mindanao in a fraudulent investment scheme.
a Tokyo-based firm alleged to have run a fraudulent investment scheme using its own ''Enten'' currency.
on Wednesday on suspicion of running a fraudulent investment scheme in violation of the investment law, investigators said.