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The fraudulent investment scheme involved a total sum of RO19,552,000.
In the context of a fraudulent investment scheme, the amount invested includes the original investment and any subsequent investments, as well as any fictitious income from the investment which was included on the taxpayer's federal income tax return and reinvested in the scheme.
21) Examples of traditional fraudulent schemes prosecuted under section 1341 include false insurance claims,(22) fraudulent investment schemes,(23) misrepresentations in the sale of used automobiles,(4) false application forms for loans,(25) fraudulent loan marketing schemes,(26) check kiting schemes,(27) false advertising,(28) and various bribery and kickback schemes.
In the lower court, Hryniak was found to have perpetrated his fraudulent investment scheme by disbursing his victims' funds to his own company through the trust accounts of Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, one of Canada's oldest and largest law firms, and summary judgment was granted against him.
a Tokyo-based firm alleged to have run a fraudulent investment scheme using its own ''Enten'' currency.
on Wednesday on suspicion of running a fraudulent investment scheme in violation of the investment law, investigators said.
The Osaka District Court on Thursday sentenced the head of a bankrupt company to 12 years in prison for running a fraudulent investment scheme.
Seven people were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of illegally collecting contributions to a fraudulent investment scheme, police said.
Jeddah police have received complaints from 25 citizens claiming that they were victims of fraudulent investment schemes promoted by the woman.
The crucial Sebi Bill aimed at tackling the Ponzi menace was approved by the Lok Sabha on Wednesday Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon announce a financial scheme which will discourage people from being allured by fraudulent operators The Securities Laws ( Amendment) Bill, 2014, has been brought in the backdrop of lakhs of small investors being duped by fraudulent investment schemes like in the alleged Saradha scam The new law will empower Sebi investigators to conduct searches and seek information from suspected entities, both within and outside the country However, as a safeguard, any search operation can be conducted only after approval of a designated court in Mumbai, where Sebi headquarters is based
Promoters of fraudulent investment schemes using any media would face the same sentences as the masterminds.
PONZI SCHEMES Fraudulent investment schemes, whereby promoters use clients' money to pay offother clients rather than investing it on the stock market.