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It's a rarity to have a game called off here and this was a freak of nature.
Now Josh can find an adoring girlfriend that will appreciate his magician skills, while Sabine can be with her true love, Dominic, who does not treat her psychic abilities as a freak of nature.
I can assure you it's a miraculous freak of nature that my four year old can sing the Scooby Doo theme tune backwards.
There can be hardly any doubt now that Silent Witness is a true freak of nature, by a nohoper sire out of the sort of mare no-hoper sires get.
A freak of nature saw the puss born with 26 claws - eight more than a normal cat.
And I suppose it is fitting that the freak show was won by a freak of nature.
Her debut album, Freak of Nature, established her reputation throughout Europe and the US.
True to form, publicists and managers made her into a household name almost overnight, cashing in on a voice that at best was a freak of nature.
IN a freak of nature, a kitten has been born with two faces that meow in unison.
He's a freak of nature - that's the way I feel about my horse.