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Attracted and repulsed by nature, connected yet disconnected to it, we are imbued with contradictory impulses--like two-headed creatures or freaks of nature.
There have been other freaks of nature ( flash flooding has seen streets under water and caused months of misery for families whose homes have been wrecked.
Tim Sparks of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology at Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, said other freaks of nature include migrating birds arriving earlier and frogs spawning sooner.
Given the racialized landscape of slavery and colonization in the nineteenth century, white bodies were always already inscribed in the nation's imagination as being healthy, superior, pure, and clean, and thus it follows that whiteness was implicitly on stage as a normative measure along with those humans deemed freaks of nature.
INGLEWOOD - The last time he chased a Grade I victory, Limehouse was overwhelmed by two freaks of nature, first a downpour in Louisville and, ultimately, a cyclone named Smarty Jones.
It is incredibly disrespectful to disabled people who are being depicted as utter freaks of nature, when that is as far removed from the truth as possible.