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Free and fair elections should not only take place, it should also be seen to be taking place, he added.
He later told the media that the provincial ECP office has received all the material it would require during the elections and vowed to conduct free and fair elections in the province.
"We have been assured by the District Magistrates, Superintendents of Police, and the Deputy Inspectors General of Police, Inspector General of Police and the divisional commissioners that things are in place for free and fair elections," he added.
No one is certain of a free and fair election, but I hope all goes well.
The caretaker cabinet in Pakistan has one primary role that is to create conducive environment for free and fair elections in the country,' he said.
He asked them to cooperate with returning officers in order to conduct free and fair election.
Members of Federal Cabinet and all caretaker Chief Ministers on the occasion expressed their determination to make all out efforts for ensuring free and fair elections.
According to FAFEN this is a necessity for free and fair elections in Pakistan where the existing laws provide space for election rigging.
She affirmed that as a product of a free and fair election Secondus must ensure a free and fair PDP primary election in Osun state.
They also discussed matters pertaining to free and fair election in the province.
The Ijaw group also advised the president to seek help from his counterpart in the United States (US), Donald Trump, to halt the daily killings by herdsmen and ensure free and fair election come 2019.
He said we have made mistakes in the past but now we are working 18 hours a day for free and fair election.

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