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YOU CAN PICK UP NEW SKILLS FOR FREE From free Field to Fork workshops with Charlotte Pike, free kids' cookery classes at The Castle (accessible with a festival wristband), there's plenty of skills to pick up on your way round the event.
A loudspeaker was placed 1 m in front of the participant with 0[degrees] of angling, and a free field test was performed with ipsilateral masking at 70, 90, and 100 dB HL levels to detect the effective masking level and determine how ipsilateral wide-band masking affected the free field threshold with the device.
The laughs as we reminisce the time he charged farmers to park in his dad's field; even though there was a free field for parking further on up.
In order to simulate the free field flow over the vehicle, the top surface of the wind tunnel is contoured.
In order to identify a noise spectrum of busy road with a big percentage of lorries and to measure effectiveness of existing noise barriers at different frequencies noise measurements at free field conditions and behind existing noise barriers were made.
Other topics include supersymmetry and the modular double, toroidal Lie superalgebras and free field representations, total Frobenius-Schur indicators, and loop Grassmannians in the framework of local spaces over a curve.
North Country Resource Conservation and Development Council in Gilford is overseeing the Wood Energy Council, which will provide information, advice and assistance to towns, schools and businesses in New Hampshire that are considering switching to wood heating, including free field visits, "coaches" and feasibility studies.
Free Field Data Management software, offering an automatic readout function, is included in the package.
Their credentials as believer in democracy were becoming increasingly doubtful due to their soft corner for the terrorists who also reciprocated by allowing them a free field during the election campaign while denying the same to the moderate and democratic parties, he said in a statement here.
Instead of discretizing Poisson's equation directly, we solve it in two sequential steps: a) We first find the electric field of interest by a set of tree basis functions whose coefficients can be solved with a fast method in O(N) operations (we call this fast method as fast tree solver in this paper); This field, however, cannot represent the desire field uniquely since the tree basis is not completely curl-free; Then we use a systematic divergence free field removal procedure to retrieve the exact electric field.
When the directional response pattern is highly symmetric about the reference axis, which is commonly the case for directional microphones isolated in a free field, Q can be determined from data obtained only in the horizontal plane at [alpha] = 0[degrees] between the azimuth angles of 0[degrees] and 180[degrees] (11), (12).