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RANGE. This word is used in the land laws of the United States to designate the order of the location of such lands, and in patents from the United States to individuals they are described as being within a certain range.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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James Baxter, free range egg farmer and chairman of BFREPA, says changing buying habits would be better for hens and farmers.
"Free Range British turkey, reared slowly to full maturity and free to roam and roost in open woodland, enjoying a diet of high-quality feed.
The charity is encouraging people to avoid products which do not use free range eggs - and to check labels to ensure free range is clearly stated on the packet, indicating higher animal welfare.
The birds for free range rearing system were kept in a similar indoor house, but with a free access to grassy paddock (1 bird/m2).
The most accessible fallow deer hunting is in the Texas Hill Country, where they are generally common, but rarely free range. The "best" fallow deer hunting I've ever seen was free range on New Zealand's South Island.
Free Range's premiere coincides with the launch of the Bonfire Winter 1617 outerwear line, featured on riders in the film.
The alternative small-scale Free Range Farmers Association Inc and Humane Choice accreditation logos have lower stocking densities and are aimed more at small-scale pasture-based systems.
He said: "You can't beat good quality free range chicken breasts and when dressed with a Parmesan crust, they pack a flavoursome punch.
[3] studied the effect of rearing system on meat quality attributes in chicken and found lower abdominal fat contents in free range rearing system compared with the intensive rearing system.
Compassion in World Farming has awarded Gateshead Council its Good Egg Award to commend them on only buying free range eggs.