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Cardiff refused, saying finding this would take more than the 18 hours allowed under Freedom of Information legislation.
Using material released under Freedom of information legislation, the research team combined information from the certificates with data collected from Ofsted to create a detailed schools database covering about 40% of the primary and secondary schools in England, including academies.
But using freedom of information legislation, the Birmingham Post successfully argued the sum paid by Colmore Row Managed Services was in the public interest, forcing AWM to release the price paid.
The health trusts released the redundancy figures to the Daily Post through Freedom of Information legislation.
This was highlighted at a briefing where Unite/Medical Practitioners' Union chair Ron Singer also suggested that private companies would not be subject to freedom of information legislation, and so it would be difficult to measure quality.
The only way we could get official and independent figures would be for the state to finance political parties in proportion to their memberships, and we would be able to obtain the information now with the Freedom of Information legislation.
There has been a consistent pattern of failing to display the proper degree of openness," the inquiry concluded, pointing out that scientists had failed to meet requests made under Britain's Freedom of Information legislation.
The nature of the information was outlined in an internal Ministry of Defence memo that was obtained under Freedom of Information legislation.
In their determination to avoid accountability for their behaviour, MPs even voted to exempt their expenses claims from scrutiny under Freedom of Information legislation.
Recently some researchers have alleged that freedom of information legislation is still being used to protect the perpetrators of a war crime that took place fifty years ago.
Last July the Evening Telegraph asked the Information Commissioner, which ensures public bodies abide by Freedom of Information legislation, to review the case.
During its first few years of existence, AIP led seminars, public discussions and workshops aimed at bringing more attention to the need for freedom of information legislation and educating the public of how to use such laws to its advantage.

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