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A life estate, an interest in land the duration of which is restricted to the life or lives of a particular person or persons holding it, or an estate in fee, an interest in property that is unconditional and represents the broadest ownership interest recognized by law.

In order to be categorized as a freehold, an estate must possess the characteristics of (1) immobility—in the sense that the property must be either land, or some interest derived from or affixed to land—and (2) indeterminate duration.

Determinable freeholds are life estates created by language that provides that the estate is to terminate automatically upon the occurrence of a specified event.

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n. any interest in real property which is a life estate or of uncertain or undetermined duration (having no stated end), as distinguished from a leasehold which may have declining value toward the end of a long-term lease (such as the 99-year variety). (See: leasehold)

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originally an estate of free tenure. Nowadays the term is used to denote a legal estate in FEE SIMPLE ABSOLUTE IN POSSESSION, the most complete form of ownership of land.
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In addition to being president of the Senate, Sweeney has stepped in as the state's acting governor, and served as director of the Glouster Country Board of Chosen Freeholders. This in addition to his full time job as a union organizer.
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