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Paul Aints game and All-Star Freethought Conference please visit: MinnesotaAtheists.
The freethought movement peaked during these unsettling years in which our contemporary views of gender were first formulated.
The Freethought Movement now has a single source for all things secular.
In Freethinkers, Jacoby succeeds in reclaiming a lost freethought heritage while boldly and without apology defending the secular state.
Self-censorship has become poisonous to freethought and free speech, and it's curious how fearful the media have become.
It seems that just about everything Freethought writers write about gets covered in this book.
Between the Civil War and his death in 1899, he was seen and heard by more Americans than any other human being--yet he was outspokenly critical of Christianity Never were freethought tenets more respectfully listened to, if still seldom accepted, by so many Americans.
Meanwhile, aerospace engineer and North Alabama Freethought Association board member Kelly McCauley delivered an invocation at the opening of the September 25 Huntsville City Council meeting.
The cultural analyses, since they are based on Freethought and Secular Humanist philosophy, are often better than what is offered by many contemporary crime investigation authors (these guys and gals write as if they desire to avoid being identified as too intellectual or too liberal).
In mid May, the Texas Office of the Comptroller sent a letter to Americans United for Separation of Church and State announcing it had granted tax-exempt status to the Church of Freethought, a Dallas-area congregation.
If we succeed at informing the general public that these ideas are of paramount import, and that those wire hold them stand at the vanguard of freethought, many among the general public will realize that a reason-based worldview is something they already subscribe to.