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When meters are on, motorists can wait up to 50 seconds to enter connecting freeways.
TrafficGauge is particularly useful for commuters, sales professionals, mobile moms, and individuals who drive a lot on Los Angeles and Orange County freeways, such as delivery drivers, contractors, and service technicians.
Unfortunately, people in California are unaware of the risk and live very close to freeways.
Besides, just as Siamese twins are joined by mutual arteries, downtown Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley are joined by the freeways they share, as shown on the game map.
2 miles of car-pool lanes built on the Antelope Valley Freeway at a cost of $41 million over the past 14 months.
Of those, about 43 percent of motorists call from the bustling freeways with mechanical failure.
Still the MTA continues to build a mass transit network in hopes of providing an alternative to increasingly jammed freeways.
This is exactly the kind of innovation that's envisioned in my strategic-growth plan that will build roads, freeways, tunnels, highways and all kinds of projects to speed up the commute everywhere across California,'' he said.
If people don't like double-decker freeways towering over them, why not tunnel beneath the freeways and build the deck below the freeway.
The next phase will include more freeways on the outskirts, including a sign on the eastbound 210 Freeway at Foothill Boulevard.
Transition roads from the San Diego Freeway to the Ventura Freeway will be closed overnight through Friday to accommodate work on the 405 car-pool lane.
PALMDALE - Antelope Valley Freeway car-pool lanes under construction south of Palmdale are expected to be ready for traffic in two years, officials said Friday at a belated groundbreaking ceremony.