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The 210 Freeway was chosen for this project over other local freeways because it has enough room for vehicles to line up at its connectors without effecting traffic on the mainline, Ruano said.
Caltrans has taken another step toward improving mobility on local freeways by making real time traffic data available to TrafficGauge," said Doug Failing, Director, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.
The study comes just weeks after Southern California researchers released a report that found that children who live near freeways may have stunted lungs because of the air pollution.
FREEWAY GAME -- a board game that entertains players while they learn to conquer the L.
The dedication ceremony took place beside the freeway on Avenue P-4.
SANTA CLARITA -- Freeway looky-loos have less to gawk at these days because of an expanded free roadway service that helps stranded motorists.
1 -- color in AV edition only) Construction continues on a car-pool lane on the Antelope Valley Freeway near Palmdale on Thursday afternoon.
In the heart of the Valley, the intersection of the Ventura and San Diego freeways - one of the busiest in the nation handling 500,000 daily drivers - is getting widened connectors and new ramps.
Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill Friday that clears the way to speed up construction of a car-pool lane on the northbound 405 Freeway into the San Fernando Valley.
There were to be freeways at about four-mile intervals, including four freeways through the Santa Monica Mountains.
color) This sign, one of several on the most congested freeways, tells drivers eastbound on the 101 in Encino their travel times to other parts of the area.
3 million to widen the Moorpark Freeway, a move that will provide long-needed relief to commuters in Moorpark, Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks.