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Caption: Figure 4: The surface morphology of the trypsin-free ((a) and (b)) and trypsin-loaded ((c) and (d)) vesicles by freeze fracture TEM.
Because gap junctions are a known feature of urothelium and tight junctions are a feature of the apical-most cells, we used the technique of freeze fracture to confirm the presence of these structures.
Additional gland tissue, fixed as described above but in aldehydes only, was cryoprotected in graded concentrations of glycerols to a final concentration of 30% glycerol for freeze fracture. The tissue was then frozen rapidly in liquid propane, followed by fracturing and replication in a Balzer 360 M device (Balzers, Furstentum Liechtenstein).
Scanning electron microscope (SEM) SEM-FIB Tescan Lyra with Schottky field emission cathode is used to study the morphology of the freeze fracture surfaces of the specimens of POM/EOC blends and it nanocomposites.