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Temperatures must be about -30 degrees C or less, otherwise we simply see freezing fog (FZFG).
I learned about icy fog while researching freezing fog.
Expect colder days, overnight frost, widespread ice, freezing fog and snow'
Below, traffic taking it slowly in freezing fog on Bradford Road at Fartown (JH141212Aice)
Commuters will be faced with patches of freezing fog this morning but that will dissipate as temperatures nudge 6C (43F) by lunchtime.
The carrier also said that during the five-day testing exercise, the Williams FJ-33 engines were exposed to freezing fog, freezing rain and blowing snow to evaluate the ground performance of the engine inlet anti-ice system.
THERE was Christmas cheer for weary air passengers yesterday as the freezing fog finally lifted and flights started to return to normal across Britain.
And with more frost, freezing fog and chilly winds on the way this week, fears were growing for the elderly.
Among the health and safety concerns is one affecting fork lift drivers: freezing fog severely impairs visibility in the doorway vicinity.
FREEZING fog was set to hit Merseyside for a second night as the Met Office warned its arrival may delay flights.
Freezing fog will also be a danger for motorists and pedestrians.
A Met Eireann forecaster added: "Lowest temperatures zero to -3C, with icy roads and possibly some patches of freezing fog also.