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Freight Forwarding - Segments & Features section discusses the segments served, services provided and the customer's benefits from different types of freight forwarding.
The latest joint venture merges ISS' global network with Palumbo's core capabilities in offering offshore project logistics and freight forwarding solutions and allows ISS Palumbo to provide a global combination of agency, project logistics and freight forwarding solutions to clients in the rising offshore oil and gas energy industry.
Given the large scope of the international shipping business, along with its numerous requirements, the Company believes freight forwarding services presents a substantial business opportunity for Sino-Global.
Despite an increase in market size, the freight forwarding market is still smaller than it was in 2012.
is in line with the Group's Freight Forwarding growth strategy,
China International Freight Forwarding Industry Report, 2012-2015 forecasts that in 2015, China's international freight forwarding business will account for approximately 31% of the total import-export value of foreign trade, with a compound average growth rate of 8.
3% from 2012, the freight forwarding market is facing major challenges as it fights to stay viable in a changing global environment.
international freight forwarding expertise and with a network of eight
Analysis of the global freight forwarding sector including market sizing, forecasts, analysis and company profiles
New report outlines the contrasting fortunes of the freight forwarding markets.
New Offices Strengthen Company's Infrastructure to Provide Freight Forwarding Solutions for Growing Customer Base
Transport Intelligence, the leading logistics research and consultancy specialists, have published a new report which reveals the full extent of the increasing divergence between the air and sea freight forwarding markets.

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