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If you love the French cuffs on a vintage dress, add them to a contemporary shirt for a little vintage flavor without the full-on effect.
But wasn't it endearing, when the tuxedo-clad Romney ironed his own French cuffs while they were on his wrists?
Purchasing a Robert Tateossian pair of cufflinks enables this personal touch not only on French cuffs but also with men sporting a thobe.
And she hasn't done things by halves: she'll sport velveteen bunny ears, French cuffs and silk stockings.
She'll sport velveteen bunny ears, French cuffs, silk stockings and nothing else.
They just don't want to call it a bistro because they're like that, the way they call French cuffs "double cuffs" because of sheer obstinacy.
Le Fendley makes a professional statement with French cuffs and lavender double-ply fabric.