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An act in which the female sexual organ is orally stimulated.

At Common Law, cunnilingus was not a crime. It is presently a crime in some jurisdictions and is usually treated as Sodomy.

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Other guests include the only British comedian to have conquered America, Tracey Ullman, and French sex symbol, singer and star of stage musical Chicago, Sacha Distel.
And she is playing the lead in the BBC's lavish production of the classic French sex and shopping novel Madame Bovary.
The French sex symbol and footballer says he's considering an offer to appear in Spanish director Bigas Luna's new romantic comedy.
US criminal charges were subsequently dropped, and the allegations that he participated in a French sex ring centred in the northern French city of Lille emerged later.
Don't Dress for Dinner," the little bonbon that French playwright Marc Camoletti dashed off after "Boeing-Boeing," ran for seven years in Blighty, where auds dearly love a naughty French sex farce featuring philandering husbands, saucy mistresses and lots of well-oiled doors.
PRICE LESS, a charming French sex comedy starring the utterly gorgeous Audrey Tautou (left) is also out on the same day.
In the decade they created can girls, French sex goddess Brigitte Bardot could have been a cantender.

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