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As one of the few players to explore the fretless guitar and MIDI guitar, he has found a truly unique and expressive voice.
The double-neck guitar (one fretless, the other fretted) has become synonymous with you.
And he only kept the first five frets, since he was intrigued by the notion of a fretless guitar.
The 'sound'' is led by ensemble founder Kyam Allami, playing the oud, the traditional fretless string instrument which is the basis of middle eastern music.
Yassine's minimalist, rhythm-based dance was complemented by Khaled Yassine's percussion work and Raed al-Khazen on glissentar (an 11-string, fretless guitar-like instrument).
And as well as co-penning those, he's also one of the best bass players rock and roll has ever seen - no one can work a fretless quite like him - making this rare solo venture to the capital a must for true rock aficionados .
Sheldon will be on stage with Frampton once again playing his famed fretless bass.
Guest musicians include Grammy-Nominated fretless guitarist Ric Hordinski and the virtuosic bass playing of Adam Nitti.
The line is completed by session musician Greg Robley on fretless bass guitar .
This set of five works, three for piano solo (played by Sarah Cahill), one for a quintet of winds, cello and piano, and one for a quintet of winds, cello and piano, and one for a quintet of winds, sampling keyboards and fretless electric bass, is consistently quiet in mood, but is never exactly either contemplative or somber.
The album, mainly acoustic, contains references to Turkey (his wife is Turkish) and sees Meier play nylon-string guitar and an eleven-string fretless variant called the Godin Glissantar.