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It also allows visitors to view Frette's print catalog online, and it has product-zoom features that enable customers to see the workmanship and details of Frette products.
Boston's Hotel Nine Zero puts the emphasis on comfort: High-quality, pillow-top beds are made up with luxurious 330-thread-count Frette sheets from Italy.
Frette, which has been selling its bed linens in seven Bloomingdale's stores, is offering the department store customer its Hotel collection, the same collection it sells to its customers in its own stores.
Enrico Marinelli, who was chief executive officer of Frette between 1997 and 1999, will become CEO of Coraline and therefore the executive running Frette.
Frette is a leading provider of luxury linens to the finest hotels and homes worldwide and boasts of a range of bed and bath collections, home decor, clothing and gifts for clientele with discerning taste.
Garnet Hill, a US-based multi-channel retailing company, has launched its Frette Hotel Collection for the hospitality industry.
Before moving into Bloomingdale's, Frette sold its merchandise in the U.
It includes fine linens, blankets, throws, and decorative pillows, cut from the same luxurious cloth as the Frette signature collection.
Frette has unveiled a new store format specifically to sell the Edmond collection, called the Edmond Frette shop.
The leading provider of luxury Italian linens to the finest hotels and homes worldwide, Frette (pronounced fret-tay) offers exquisite styling with a collection of elegant, handcrafted linens and rich textiles that transform everyday spaces into lavish retreats.
FRETTE, ONE OF THE HIGHEST-PROFILE LUXURY textiles brands, has also distinguished itself by becoming its own chief retailer.
com, one of the fastest-growing content Web sites, recently announced that Juliette Frette has joined its Neighborhoods & Culture Channel as the National Women's Issues Examiner.