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With an increase in temperature, the noticeable transitions of the friction coefficient and wear rate existed when the test temperature was 150[degrees]C.
Stability analysis was performed for the system showed that if the friction coefficient characteristics were flat, no damping would be present due to engagement.
While the standard a-C:H shows in the test a constant high friction coefficient, the ta-C keeps the same friction behavior with increasing sliding speed.
The friction coefficient for the strip draw test is calculated based on the following equation:
Popularity is rising for PAG oils, conversely, because of longer intervals between changes, as well as low friction coefficients and greater wear protection.
5 newton (average between the 0 newton and 35 newton to account for the dummy flesh viscoelastic relaxation in experiment), friction coefficient of 0.
Generally, the friction coefficient decreases with an increase in the sliding speed, which has been already confirmed by M.
The elastic modulus, nanohardness and friction coefficient values in the enamel are shown in Table 1.
e]), the friction coefficient between the infilled concrete and the steel casing, the diameter to wall thickness ratio of the steel casing ([D.
This comparison is interesting in that the greatest friction coefficient was achieved at maximum load.
Under this precondition, the proposed identification algorithm can online obtain highly accurate moment of inertia of the system, viscous friction coefficient, and load torque in short time.