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TEST. Something by which to ascertain the truth respecting another thing. 7 Penn. St. Rep. 428; 6 Whart. 284. Vide Religious Test.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Mean BT (sec) was compared between the phases of the menstrual cycle using the Friedman's test. The mean BT shows a significant difference (P = 0.001).
The nonparametric Friedman's test showed a statistically significant increase in HRQOL, [chi square](2) = 12.46, p < 0.01.
However, nonparametric Friedman's test of differences among repeated measures for self-reported sleep duration was conducted and rendered a [chi square] value of 3.268 which was nonsignificant (P=.195).
Contrast Spores m[L.sup.-1] [alpha] (x [10.sup.6]) CMAxPDA (1.1) x (1.1) Ns CMA x Malt (1.1) x(1.6) 0.067 PDA x Malt (1.1) x(1.6) 0.026 (ns) non-significant by Friedman's test. ([alpha]) significant by Friedman's test.
Statistical analysis was done with Friedman's test followed by the Wilcoxon post hoc test.
In the AZOOR eyes, the mean average thresholds in the affected area at 3 and 6 months were significantly higher than those at baseline (Figure 2, Friedman's test, P = 0.0008, and Scheffe's paired comparison test, P = 0.03 and P = 0.001, resp.).
In addition, Friedman's test is employed to evaluate the significant differences of all the compared algorithms.
The Friedman's test value is not found within the critical zone, thus the hypothesis H2 was not refused.
By using 'Friedman's Test' qualitative data-wise score changes from 2nd to 12th week follow up was done and was found to be very significant indicating the efficacy of topical tacrolimus in alopecia areata.
The most important finding of this study, the following can be noted: In Table 1, the ranking of media in development components of public sport by using of Friedman's test, mean rank obtained of the responses respectively are presented.
Emotional Expression and Stability Friedman's test Wilcoxon signed rank test Age 1 year to Age 2 years to 2 years 3 years Parameter [chi square] p Z p Z p Latency 19.97 .01 * -3.10 .01 * -0.18 .86 Intensity 1.78 .41 -0.76 .45 -1.29 .20 Duration 0.78 .68 -0.07 .95 -0.28 .78 Note.
In a previous study (Ghosh and Lohani 2012), we compared 12 visualization pipelines by using Friedman's test, subsequent post hoc analysis, and Page's trend test.