Friendly Fire

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Friendly Fire

Fire burning in a place where it was intended to burn, although damages may result. In a military conflict, the discharge of weapons against one's own troops.

A fire burning in a fireplace is regarded as a friendly fire, in spite of the fact that extensive smoke damage might result there from. Ordinarily, when an individual purchases fire insurance, the coverage does not extend to damages resulting from a friendly fire but only to loss resulting from an uncontrollable hostile fire.

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HORRIFIC INCIDENT Patrol base Almas after the friendly fire incident which claimed the life of Christopher Roney TERRIBLE TRAGEDIES Corporal Lee Brownson tried to save Lance Corporal Christopher Roney, pictured right with son William
I was told Michael's death had resulted as a suspected friendly fire incident but that was all.
IRBIL, Iraq: A Canadian special forces soldier was killed in a friendly fire incident after he and others ignored an order to stay in their car and showed up to the front line unannounced, a spokesman for Iraq's Kurdish forces said Sunday.
It is understood the suspected friendly fire incident did not involve jets or other forces.
A barrister representing the families of two Midland soldiers killed in a friendly fire incident in Iraq four years ago yesterday accused the Ministry of Defence of compounding their grief.
There was also a friendly fire incident in which a British soldier described the US pilot who fired as behaving like a "cowboy".
Lieutenant Colonel Mark Van Der Lande said: 'The squadron was in action, but it is suspected this may have been a friendly fire incident.
Almost two years earlier he was left paralysed when shrapnel was embedded in his spine in a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan.
The friendly fire incident Friday took place in the Char Dara district, the scene of a bloody September 2009 air strike that killed up to 142 people, many of them civilians.
The friendly fire incident caused outrage in 2007 when dramatic video footage was obtained by the Sun newspaper.
The friendly fire incident caused outrage in 2007 when video footage of it was obtained by The Sun.

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