Friendly Fire

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Friendly Fire

Fire burning in a place where it was intended to burn, although damages may result. In a military conflict, the discharge of weapons against one's own troops.

A fire burning in a fireplace is regarded as a friendly fire, in spite of the fact that extensive smoke damage might result there from. Ordinarily, when an individual purchases fire insurance, the coverage does not extend to damages resulting from a friendly fire but only to loss resulting from an uncontrollable hostile fire.

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In the wake of a friendly-fire incident, particularly when it draws the attention of the media, there is a call for accountability.
However, the military has rarely used its justice system as a response to friendly-fire incidents, and when it has, prosecutions have rarely been successful.
At some point in the chain of events leading to friendly-fire death, someone misidentified friend for foe, failed to provide critical information in an accurate or timely way, failed to determine accurately a location, misinterpreted an order, or the like.
How come there's never any friendly-fire incidents involving us on them?
Three Midland servicemen died in friendly-fire incidents during the war.
Nine men were killed in a friendly-fire incident as the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, a quarter of which comprised troops from the North East, was making its way across the desert.
There has been growing frustration amongst British troops at the rate of friendly-fire incidents in the war.
THE friendly-fire video should not have been leaked.
The general said 10 skirmishes had resulted in friendly-fire and civilian casualties.

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