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QUAKERS. A sect of Christians.
     2. Formerly they were much persecuted on account of their peaceable principles which forbade them to bear arms, and they were denied many rights because they refused to make corporal oath. They are relieved in a great degree from the consequent penalties for refusing to bear arms; and their affirmations are everywhere in the United States, as is believed, taken instead of their oaths.

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Whatever your choice make sure you don't feel pressured by your friends, society, or even yourself.
Not what your parents want, or your spouse, your kids, your preachers, teachers, friends, society, or the media, but you.
From issues we face at home, work, amongst family and friends, society or images we view on the news all put pressure on our coping mechanism system and tolerance levels, wearing us down and eventually resulting in a wide range health related ailments caused by stress.

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