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People in Birmingham can donate PS5 to Birmingham Friends of the Earth for the chance to have it doubled throughout both days of the campaign.
Friends of the Earth wants to see new money earmarked for developing countries to adapt to the effects of climate change and grow their economies using clean technology.
Although Friends of the Earth Cymru, along with many others, would like to see these decisions taken in Wales, the reality is that the Welsh Assembly Government does not, as yet, have this power.
It is unacceptable for the government to allow the very products Americans buy to protect themselves to threaten their health," said Ian Illuminato, author of Friends of the Earth.
Friends of the Earth executive director Tony Juniper said: 'Aviation is an increasing source of climate-changing pollution and we must take steps to curb it now
European environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth, Airport-Watch and Climate Action Network Europe are pushing for the imposition of sales taxes on airline flights, and calling for an end to the airline industry's fuel tax exemption.
Tom Sverre Tomren of Friends of the Earth Norway said that dealers are already required to accept old phones back, and it would not be difficult to establish a deposit system.
Friends of the Earth is urging the UK government to make the industry pay its own way and spend the extra money on improving transport and other public services, Ananova reported.
The leaders of the world have proved that they work as employees for the transnational corporations," asserted Friends of the Earth Chairman Ricardo Navarro.
As a lasting tribute to the victims of September 11th's terrorist attacks in the United States, Friends of the Earth Canada (FOE) is calling on concerned citizens and community leaders in towns, cities and villages across Canada to plant memorial trees in places like parks, cenotaphs and municipal squares.
With so few samples taken the majority of food is not monitored for pesticides and the Friends of the Earth suggest this may include imported food which may include residues of pesticides not allowed in the UK.
Environmental group Friends of the Earth (FOE) says it has tested "a small number of foods" in Europe and found what it believes are traces of Roundup Ready corn, a biotech variety not approved for sale in Europe.

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