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When the British army reached the western Carolinas in 1780 during the American Revolution, the 13-year-old Jackson joined other rebel frontiersmen in fighting the hated Redcoats.
Franklin went on to assert that Native Americans would have been safer had they been living in a Muslim country, as Islam shows even prisoners more humanity than the frontiersmen had shown free men.
The frontiersmen create a whole idea of what their society in the West has to be.
Alun Thomas-Evans, Commander of the UK Legion of Frontiersmen, gave out the awards at All Saints Church in Penarth.
Like the old Puritans and many of the frontiersmen Boone despised lawyers and the law, and as a consequence twice forfeited great land possessions, once by failing to register his holdings in Kentucky.
For more than one hundred years the Boone and Crockett Club (named after fabled frontiersmen and hunters Daniel Boone and David Crockett) has been an organized of hunters who sought out the big-game animals of North America.
But they disliked the frontiersmen who brought the axe and plow to clear forest land for their farms; these were the same lands where Indians hunted.
Victory over the Empire depends crucially on the virtues and skills of Yankee farmers, frontiersmen, and commercial traders.
and several 17th-and 18th-century reports were published concerning encounters of frontiersmen with Welsh-speaking Indians.
Hence he negotiated with, rather than confronted, Indians and frontiersmen.
Born near Charlottesville, Virginia (November 19, 1752), the son of John and Ann Rogers Clark, and the elder brother of William (of Lewis and Clark fame); received little formal education but learned surveying from his grandfather; served as a scout during Lord Dunmore's War (May-October 1774); settled in Kentucky and became a prominent figure there; organized frontiersmen for defense against pro-British Indian raids (1776-1777); returned to Virginia and persuaded Gov.