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An FDG PET scan can be useful in differentiating between early frontotemporal dementia and atypical Alzheimer's disease.
Frontotemporal dementia affects about 15-22 of every 100,000 individuals, and an additional 3-4 will be diagnosed in the next year, according to past studies (Int Rev Psychiatry.
Impaired emotion processing from vocal and facial cues in frontotemporal dementia compared to right hemisphere stroke.
It was a massive shock to us when a brain scan showed Sue had frontotemporal dementia," explains Gillian, 52, from Bootle.
What's more, treating this pathway may also have implications for frontotemporal dementia because many of the same proteins are involved.
CLINTON -- Raymond Bradford Constant, 88, of Clinton, passed away in his sleep on Sunday, March 22, at Whitney Place Assisted Living, in Westboro, where he had made his home for the past six years, following his diagnosis with frontotemporal dementia.
Other major varieties include vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies and frontotemporal dementia.
Patients with frontotemporal dementia are more likely to present initially to a psychiatrist than to a neurologist.
In patient-derived stem cells carrying a mutation predisposing them to frontotemporal dementia, which accounts for about half of dementia cases before the age of 60, the scientists found a targetable defect that prevents normal neurodevelopment.
Corticobasal syndrome (CBS) is an unrepresentative parkinsonian disease clinically and pathologically associated with frontotemporal dementia.
Interrater reliability of the new criteria for behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia.

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