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BACKSIDE, estates. In England this term was formerly used in conveyances and even in pleadings, and is still, adhered to with reference to ancient descriptions in deeds, in continuing the transfer of the same. property. It imports a yard at the back part of, or behind a house, and belonging thereto: but although formerly used in pleadings, it is now unusual to adopt it, and the word yard is preferred. 1 Chitty's Pr. 177; 2 Ld. Raym. 1399.

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Frontside is expecting similar, notable results with the MySpace recognition.
Rudolph's Harmony ASR allows the user to review frontside and backside images together, determine the severity of the defect, and "knock out" individual die based on defects on the front or back of that die.
Sigma fxP systems are in full production for frontside thick Al and thin wafer backside processing.
R: Yup, frontside flip for me and front board for Scooter.
Frontside disasters up on the big vert wall, frontside flips on the quarter, long, smooth 15-foot back tailslides through the bowled corner, ollie up to nosepick five-feet above the quarterpipe, and back 5-0s across and down the hubba.
Highlights included Rune Glifberg's backside lipslide over the channel, Pierre Luc Gagnon's nollie flip 360, and Bucky Lasek's frontside 540.
The order includes an AXi system for frontside Advanced Macro Defect inspection, an E20 for edge inspection and a B20 for backside inspection.
Lofted frontside airs and bonelesses before getting severely pinched on a crooked grind attempt.
Shurson continued, "This B20 beta customer has already been able to identify and correct wafer edge related process issues using our AXi / E20 edge and frontside wafer inspection system.
Tyler Kline reminds you that you're never too old to learn frontside crooks.
But just as it seemed he'd won, Abdias stuck a perfect frontside flip.
Jonah perches a frontside grind on the crow's nest of the Daly City, CA mini.