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BACKSIDE, estates. In England this term was formerly used in conveyances and even in pleadings, and is still, adhered to with reference to ancient descriptions in deeds, in continuing the transfer of the same. property. It imports a yard at the back part of, or behind a house, and belonging thereto: but although formerly used in pleadings, it is now unusual to adopt it, and the word yard is preferred. 1 Chitty's Pr. 177; 2 Ld. Raym. 1399.

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Crooked grind to backside lipslide and/or frontside boardslide body varial to lipslide.
The NSX Series, when combined with the B20 Backside Inspection module, can detect defects on the backside and include them with the frontside inspection results.
For example, a particle on the backside may be harmless in itself, but when it causes a lithography defocus defect on the frontside, it becomes critical.
S: You did the frontside flip in 15 tries, I think.
The way in which it describes frontside and backside is of utmost importance in order to stay useful.
Kickflip frontside wallride Backside wallride kickflip out
These capabilities include automated wafer-level defect classification (wafer-level ADC), automated wafer dispositioning, patented sampling strategies for faster yield learning, and the management and analysis of all-surface data collected from the wafer's frontside, edge, and backside.
Jollied the 16 stair naked at this same spot on King of the Road in 2004 and Jamie kept telling me I could frontside flip the 20.
After riding the wooden wave, Govi launches a frontside flip in NYC
Frontside half-Cab late back foot Frontside 360 kickflip
Device manufacturers are expressing to us their increasingly critical need to completely understand the wafer condition - frontside, backside and edge," explained Tom Shurson, all-surfaces product manager.
That's more of a frontside melon, rather than a lien.