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Sed tibi tabentes populi Pharsalica rura eripiunt camposque tenent uictore fugato.
Use a style (fanfare, march, calypso, fugato, lullaby, chasse, etc.
Alas, Sher has retained his gratuitous gang-rape pantomine played out on stage during the fugato section of the Overture-Prologue.
I suspect that he could well have argued that fugato itself addresses both audiences: imitative entries are obvious to even the dullest listener, but fugal artifice becomes highly complex upon close study.
And even then, he was still wondering whether or not to skip a fugato section
Given the rounded performance of Beethoven's Sonatain D,Op 102 No 2 --a bold first movement, a sublimely worked adagio and an allegro fugato which included some strange moments -this was a marvellous prelude to what promises to be a great 77th season at Hoylake.
Devices such as fugue and fugato, techniques of imitative development of themes within a predominantly contrapuntal texture, had given way to a style in which dynamic contrasts, instrumentally conceived figurations and new structures based on contrast formed the processes by which composers built their music.
Allis is surely right to emphasize the role of the preceding fugato as the point of departure for, and antipode to, the eventual tumult.
A fugato section in the last episode builds excitement.