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Gauti rezultatai rodo, kad ceolito uzpildai gali buti naudojami amonio jonams is dumblo fugato salinti, o salinimo efektyvumas, naudojant 2,0-2,5 mm frakcijos ceolita, siekia 76 %.
109-14), she later admits that the fugato in the Fourth's first movement "deliberately goe[s] far beyond .
For all conductor Michael Lloyd's judicious building through dynamic development, this remained an uneasy reading, cellos thin in their upper reaches and strings generally struggling in the hectic fugato.
The developmental fugato in the finale is perhaps more strongly linked to works of 1801-2, such as the finale of the Piano Sonata op.
The classical (or Baroque) cathedral anthem was on the scale of a cantata, with long solos and ensembles often introduced by recitatives, antiphonal passages for double choir, and choruses of varying form and texture, including fugue or fugato.
This capstone to an unjustly neglected work also includes a grand apotheosis of the slow movement's theme as well as the almost inevitable Taneyev fugato, carried out with such mastery that manipulations of the opening theme (heard in inversion, augmentation, and the like) do not seem digressive, but actually enhance the climax.
727: "Igitur Balaam divinculis acceptis, cum solerent daemones ad se venire, fugatos quidem daemones videt, sed adesse Deum; et ideo dicit interrogare se Deum, quia consuetos sibi parare nusquam daemones videt.