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The memorandum restricting Fugee's ministry was signed in July 2007, more than a year after an appeals court reversed a five-year probation sentence and jury's conviction of Fugee for aggravated criminal sexual contact.
He's a member of the Fugees who studies martial arts with a monk in Chinatown, a producer who turned Carlos Santana's career around, and a celeb who used to go out with Lauryn Hill and is good mates with Naomi Campbell and Quincy Jones.
She first found international stardom as the sweet-voiced lead singer with The Fugees, but the scrumptious Lauryn Hill is now a superstar in her own right after the release of her debut album.
Michael Fugee, a priest who continued ministering to children in violation of a court order after being tried for sexually assaulting a teenage boy, has led to calls for Archbishop John J.
FORMER Fugee Lauryn Hill is being lined up to star in a new movie based on the life of reggae legend Bob Marley - and she will play her real-life mother-in-law.
Working with Sean Paul (Dance Hall), Akon (Mr Martin) and the superb Sharli McQueen on backing vocals, even fellow Fugee Wyclef Jean turns up in Angels Sing
WYCLEF JEAN: 911 (Columbia) Fugee opens a world of hurt and pities the fools.
The organization works to afford refugee youth equal access to educational opportunities with the goal that each Fugee will attend a post-secondary institution, earn a degree, and enter the workforce prepared to provide for their families in a way that will enable them to break free of the generational cycle of poverty.
Myers cited "operational failures" for Doran's resignation and the archdiocese's inability to supervise Fugee.
Either way, looks like the smooth-voiced ex Fugee has found herself on the wrong side of the law.