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Aleksa K, Walasek P, Fulga N, Kapur B, Gareri J, Koren G:
Including County Roads Dj 100 B Partial - Between Dn 1 D and Fulga De Jos (Dj 100 C) , Dj 100 C, Dj 102 D, Dj 102 H, Dj 102 N Part - Dn 1 B and Dn 1 D Dj 146 and Dj 149 Partially - 1 B and Dj Dn 102 D .
To that end, the company's name is a composition of lactate meaning dairy; the brand name Fulga is itself derived from fulg meaning flake.
2] FULGA, Gheorghe "Implicatii ale extinderii NATO asupra climatului de securitate regional", in "Defensa" no.
The delegation, headed by TDIP Chairman Carlos Coelho (EPP-ED, PT), is scheduled to meet with Norica Nicolai (Chairwoman of the Senate Special Inquiry Committee), George Maior (Head of the Romanian Internal Intelligence Service), Radu Timofte (Former Head of the Romanian Internal Intelligence Service), Gheorghe Fulga Former Head of the Romanian External Intelligence Service, along with a host of other high-level officials, journalists and NGO representatives.
Valentin Fulga, senior VP for Development at Proneuron commented: "We are honored to collaborate with this excellent Institution and progress with our mutual goal of developing an effective therapy for SCI.
Valentin Fulga, MD, CEO of TheraVitae, added: "Working on this landmark study with our Thai colleagues has been both exciting and fruitful.
Fulga, "Beta 3 adrenergic receptors: molecular, histological, functional and pharmacological approaches," Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology, vol.
Including County Roads Dj 100 B Partially - Dn 1 D and Fulga De Jos (Dj 100 C) , Dj 100 C, Dj 100 H, Dj 102 C, Dj 102 D, Dj 102 H, Dj 102 K, Dj 102 N, R Dj 102, Dj 104 N, Dj 146, Dj 148, Dj 149, Dj 201, Dj 235 and Dj 238.
The possible extension of a November 2003 co-operation agreement between Europol and Romania to include the latter's Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), and how best to co-operate in the fight against terrorism and organised crime, was discussed as SIE Director Gheorghe Fulga visited the European Police Office in The Hague.
Valentin Fulga, senior vice president of Development at Proneuron.