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n., adj. equal in value, force or meaning.

EQUIVALENT. Of the same value. Sometimes a condition must be literally accomplished in forma specifica; but some may be fulfilled by an equivalent, per oequi polens, when such appears to be the intention of the parties; as, I promise to pay you one hundred dollars, and then die, my executor may fulfill my engagement; for it is equivalent to you whether the money be paid to you b me or by him. Roll. Ab. 451; 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 760.

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The event created more than 600 full time equivalent jobs, he said.
This guide outlines the key elements of a full time equivalent (FTE) instructional support model, and provides suggestions for its effective implementation.
There's also more support than ever before, with a minimum additional 1.75 full time equivalent teachers to support tertiary and vocational education, and possibly more after census in February.
This fulfills a deal reached with the state of Oregon to recruit at least 500 full time equivalent workers by the end of 2016 as part of rules implemented in the 2012 Special Legislative Session to support NIKE's base expansion.