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It is one of the country's biggest and most wonderful trees - fullstop - with a pair of redwoods planted next to it a century ago now successfully acting as lightning conductors.
The shirt will be auctioned off to raise money for the NSPCC's FullStop Campaign to prevent child cruelty.
After a few pints, you'll crave a kebab, women will never understand men, fullstop, and Celine Dion is the undisputed Queen of Slush.
The 60-year-old Everton born multi-millionaire was in London yesterday to present the cash to the charity's FullStop campaign.
Call it, if you will, his coming-out party as a swinger - but this always surprising young man left many of us wondering whether this was his coming-out party fullstop.
She accepted that the newspaper was entitled to publish that she was a drug addict and the fact that she was having therapy - fullstop.
Nothing instills obedience or causes a pause in behaviour quicker than use of the erring child's full name, with fullstops in between each name uttered.