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Of course, a coordinating conjunction such as 'and' could have been added instead of putting in a fullstop.
Some became part of the Fullstop Throttle repertoire once Leo and Vance had worked on them.
It is one of the country's biggest and most wonderful trees - fullstop - with a pair of redwoods planted next to it a century ago now successfully acting as lightning conductors.
The shirt will be auctioned off to raise money for the NSPCC's FullStop Campaign to prevent child cruelty.
After a few pints, you'll crave a kebab, women will never understand men, fullstop, and Celine Dion is the undisputed Queen of Slush.
I used to wish I had perfect eyes but my mum had to remind me there are people out there who wish they just had a minor eyelid problem because they'll never see fullstop.
The 60-year-old Everton born multi-millionaire was in London yesterday to present the cash to the charity's FullStop campaign.
Call it, if you will, his coming-out party as a swinger - but this always surprising young man left many of us wondering whether this was his coming-out party fullstop.
She accepted that the newspaper was entitled to publish that she was a drug addict and the fact that she was having therapy - fullstop.
Nothing instills obedience or causes a pause in behaviour quicker than use of the erring child's full name, with fullstops in between each name uttered.
My only criticism would be that since an exclamation mark is used for one sentence, then it would be worth using fullstops for all the others.