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Fundamental Law

The constitution of a state or nation; the basic law and principles contained in federal and state constitutions that direct and regulate the manner in which government is exercised.

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fundamental law

some provision upon which the rest or a part of the legal system is based and which accordingly either cannot be changed or can be changed only by following special provisions. An example is the Constitution of the USA.
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The fundamental laws are of course familiar in the literature on economic growth.
(12) In contrast, Navajo Nation judges and justices frequently invoke Dine Fundamental Law and apply it in their decisions.
She said that the eagled-eyed scientists have altogether opened an unprecedented new window onto the cosmos by finding ripples in the fabric of space-time called gravitational waves, making it possible to hear the the fundamental laws of the universe.
Sen added that while it was not possible to practically apply the theory as of now, it explains fundamental laws.
It was embodied in the Fundamental Laws of the Russian Empire decreed by Paul I and Nicholas I, which provided laws of state that could regulate and legitimize the growing Russian administration but ensured that legal restraints would remain subordinate to the will of the sovereign.
Presiding over a ceremony to implement the civil code, Deputy Prime Minister Sok An said, ''It is judicial history and a milestone in establishing fundamental laws for the Kingdom of Cambodia.''
While the results will be highly scrutinized for potential error, if true, the finding breaks one of the most fundamental laws of physics and raises sci-fi like possibilities such as shortcuts via hidden extra dimensions.
The LHC represents one further step in the long path undertaken by humanity to understand the meaning of physical phenomena, the structure of matter, the principles of nature and the fundamental laws that govern the universe.
They cover cold collisions, photoassociation, few-body and many-body physics, cooling and trapping, tests of fundamental laws, quantum computing, and cold molecular ions.
A London-based authority on scientific and healing disciplines, Seem Chandru Keswani has written "Nature Notes: Awakening Into Truth", the first volume of a series exploring through life experiences the fundamental laws of nature.
The next step, it seemed, would be a "theory of everything," a full accounting of nature's most fundamental laws.
That, by its nature, the conduct at issue causes harm or presents a significant risk of harm to individuals or society in a way that undermines or threatens to undermine a value reflected in and thus formally endorsed through the Constitution or similar fundamental laws by, for example: (a) confronting members of the public with conduct that significantly interferes with their autonomy and liberty; or (b) predisposing others to anti-social behaviour; or (c) physically or psychologically harming persons involved in the conduct, and 2.

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