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Recall that from the dark passage I quoted in Rand's essay above, (23) I disinterred the following ideas: (1) the legal subject is not abandoned to the play of public power in the absence of express constitutional limitations; (2) legislation itself provides protection in a system of parliamentary sovereignty that is inherently democratic, and judges have a special responsibility to maintain that democratic quality; and (3) the assertion of these democratic institutions is particularly important in times of stress and it is in such times that the fundamental postulates of legal order--the "deep postulates of f[r]ee men" (24)--must be forced into view.
The third section attempts to expose the four fundamental postulates of Indian ethics--the belief in the fundamentality of suffering in our corporeal existence, belief in karma theory, belief in an eternal soul and the conviction about the highest spiritual emancipation in life.
As the fundamental postulates of this mechanical civilisation are now accepted in the whole world, the crisis of western civilisation has naturally transferred itself to all countries, to a more or less extent.

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