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When you find the place, the quest is solved,” stated Fussen.
Fussen is after all a Kneipp (hydrotherapy) spa--and what more could one want after a busy day sightseeing?
Mang in Fussen, bears the date of 1467, but codicological evidence suggests the gathering that includes the Marienklage was copied in the first half of the fifteenth century.
Teufel und Gott (Christus), (46) wird dadurch markiert, dass alle (vse) Vasilij Ivanovic nicht nur schlagen, sondern sadistisch einen Korkenzieher zuerst an seinen Handflachen und dann auch an seinen Fussen ausprobieren und ihn verhohnen.
Gretchen und Bertha ben wallen-posies mit fussen und nailen-biten.
I remember winning the World Junior Championship in Fussen, Germany, in 1992.
Maintenance cleaning branch Fussen years cleaning surface approx 115.
Kaitlyn Butterfield and Sophie Newton of the Whitley Braves and Casey Traill of the Whitley Tomahawks have all been called up to the Great Britain side for the IIHF World Women's Under-18 Championship in Fussen, Germany, in March.
Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most spectacular, along with the lesser-known Hohenschwangau Castle, which can be combined with a visit to the pretty town of Fussen.
Newport-born teenager Lewis, 19, plays in Germany's top junior league for EV Fussen.
The Imperial Majestic Dinner Train will run every second Friday till October 9, from Munich to Fussen.
CURLING: David Murdoch skipped his Scottish Men's team to the European title at Fussen, Germany, on Saturday, defeating Norway 5-3 in the final.