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The computer models can then be adjusted to improve their accuracy for future predictions.
The complexities of climate change, the limitations of current research methodologies, and the consequent uncertainty of future predictions are repeatedly emphasized.
They're opinionated folks who make future predictions that come back to haunt them," says Ries, citing Ken Olson, ex-CEO o Digital Equipment, who once publicly predicted that the personal computer had no future.
The event topic was entitled "The General Role and Relationship between Landlord's Agent and Tenant's Broker - Current and Future Predictions of the Dot-Com's on Our Real Estate Market Place in Manhattan.
The book consists of sections such as page design, contents, site design, designing for intranets, accessibility for users with disabilities, international use and future predictions.
The plan factors in past experience and future predictions using both available and proprietary data.
Surprisingly, Meijer, one of the original mass merchandiser, super store-concept operators falls from the "top 10" list in manufacturers' future predictions, a finding Harris does not agree with.
Future predictions of environmental change in the polar region depend on the ability to understand the energy interactions between the upper ocean, ice and earth's atmosphere.
Scenarios are not future predictions so much as opportunities to learn, and with women's own sense of ourselves having changed so profoundly all over the world, there seemed a lot to learn.
The results reveal that 68% of respondents report that the number one business driver for big data is increasing the accuracy and depth of predictive analysis - or the ability to analyze current and historical data to make future predictions.
Moreover, the report also includes scenario analysis depicting the subjective future predictions of the market.
Highlights of the congress included the 360 Degree Industry Insights Panel , where core developments and future predictions across various industry sectors, such as IT and Telecommunications, Transport and logistics, and Healthcare, were discussed.

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