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The protester subsequently requested that the GAO recommend that the Air Force reimburse it for protest costs because the Air Force unduly delayed taking corrective action.
The GAO reported that the companies responding to its inquiries reported a price tag averaging $115,000 for a comprehensive exam and $94,000 for a targeted inquiry.
Both the House and Senate Small Business committees have indicated plans to hold hearings on the GAO study and its conclusions.
But the protest people at GAO are a completely different breed of cat.
During the 2000 filing season, the GAO demonstrated that hackers could have gained access to the IRS's e-filing systems, as well as the electronically transmitted tax return data held by those systems.
Twenty-eight instances of corruption out of 9,600 agents over about a six-year period is a commendable demonstration of the integrity of ours and [Customs] personnel," said Colgate in his letter to the GAO.
Also, in its study of facilities in four states--California, Florida, Ohio, and Oregon--the GAO said it found that residents of a number of facilities are "encountering problems with quality of care or consumer protection, which in some cases can have a serious effect on their health.
Since signing a six-year international agreement in 1992 to participate in the ITER Engineering Design Activities, the United States "has spent about $350 million on the ITER project," according to GAO.
The GAO describes itself as the investigative arm of Congress.
Although not written specifically for police trainers, the book contains information, culled from a 3-year GAO pilot study, that should prove useful to anyone in law enforcement interested in teletraining (or distance learning, as it is often called).