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Caption: Figure 2: (a) Upper GI series showing frank extravasation of the oral contrast at the site of the proximal suture (red arrows).
On upper GI series, a short-segment of smooth narrowing of the GJ anastomosis with a dilated pouch and delayed emptying of the pouch is observed.
An upper GI series x-ray obtained 2 months after the pouch plication procedure revealed reduction in the size of the gastric pouch and a delay in emptying of contrast from the gastric pouch into the jejunum.
(5) Isoflurane has been used to prevent struggling and motion of birds undergoing a GI series with barium sulfate suspension.
"While a food provocation study may be overkill for the typical reflux patient, it may be a useful adjunct to a standard upper GI series in patients who have severe symptoms when they eat specific foods and who have otherwise unremarkable prior exams," Dr.
Nicole underwent diagnostic tests, including an upper GI series and a CT scan of her head.
Sometime in 1984, the patient experienced severe abdominal pain and underwent an upper GI Series. The patient was told that her pain was "in her head." The patient continued to suffer from what she called "upper stomach" pain at least once or twice a month from 1984.
For example, patients needing an upper GI series might be admitted because insurance would only pay for it on an inpatient basis.
potential causes of pain in the mid-lower chest, the physician can diagnose reflux esophagitis either through endoscopy (in which a tube is inserted into the esophagus for direct viewing of the affected area), or the socalled upper GI series. In the latter procedure, the patient swallows flavored liquid barium while the radiologist views its action under the x-ray screen.
Caption: FIGURE 2: (a) Upper GI series shows the "corkscrew sign" in a frontal view.