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WITNESS, GOING. A going witness is one who is about to leave the jurisdiction of the court in which a cause is depending. See Going Witness.

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NCE Escrow Officer, Jennifer Foster and her assistant are planning to work with the GOE team out of the Encinitas office.
Esme Oxtoby, four, goes |to St Peter's RC Primary School, Roath, Cardiff
Producer Kenny Wax says: "We took a huge gamble in transferring The Play That Goes Wrong into the West End - a new comedy starring no-one famous by unknown writers.
In another good week for Ger Lyons, Artistic Integrity goes up 11lb to 81 for winning at Gowran last Tuesday.
2 Heart-print socks, Debenhams (25% goes to charity)
Darren Walker is the Co-Founder and President of GOES and has a proven track record of personal financial success, which encompasses both the Insurance & Financial Services industry as well as his Real Estate Investment Company.
Recommendation: To improve NOAA's ability to maintain geostationary satellites continuity and improve efforts to involve key GOES data users, the Secretary of Commerce should direct the NOAA Administrator to develop and document continuity plans for the operation of geostationary satellites that include the implementation procedures, resources, staff roles, and timetables needed to transition to a single satellite, an international satellite, or other solution.
The satellite will be checked out, stored in orbit and available for activation should one of the operational GOES satellites degrade or exhaust its fuel.
Golden Eye (Dh15,000) goes to Mohamed Ezzeddin from Egypt for his photograph 'Alwan Sharei'
Scottish and Newcastle say ban will cost pounds 10m and some more copy goes into this space in here for this thanks very muchindeedy and some more into here thanks
The word architecture goes back through Latin to the Greek for 'Master Builder.
pro basketball goes next, after our teams' dramatic direction switch last season, follow the man who'll be wearing a purple-trimmed No.