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WITNESS, GOING. A going witness is one who is about to leave the jurisdiction of the court in which a cause is depending. See Going Witness.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Over the chain of giant peaks The great red sun goes down, And in the stealthy floods of night The distant valleys drown.
"Sharp work!" says the Squire, and goes in again to his bed, the coach being well out of sight and hearing.
It goes without saying that this impatience to return toward Paris had for a cause the danger which Mme.
"But so long goes the pot to the water, men say, at last comes it home broken," cries Gill.
And now, when he walked down the street in his high hat, people would say to one another, "There goes John Dolittle, M.D.!
He goes out foraging, he makes a capture, and then what does he do?
We will go along with you." So off we all goes, and pushes our boots in sociable fashion under the Tuxton table.
Tulkinghorn gets up, adjusts his spectacles, puts on his hat, puts the manuscript in his pocket, goes out, tells the middle-aged man out at elbows, "I shall be back presently." Very rarely tells him anything more explicit.
Meantime the retainer goes round, like a gloomy Analytical Chemist: always seeming to say, after 'Chablis, sir?'--'You wouldn't if you knew what it's made of.'
[Wipes her hands with her pocket-handkerchief, goes to tea-table, and sits down.] Won't you come over, Lord Darlington?
The Master says his parting words to me before he goes back to his books.
"They comes and goes. A good proportion of my lodgers is connected with the theatres.