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Probably the best way to test the accuracy is to compare it to the x, y and z values of a survey-grade GPS unit.
All current customer applications using Atmel's GPS chipset and connected Flash memory can be easily upgraded to the new software version 3.
According to the official geocaching website, the sport took off in the Pacific Northwest when, on May 1, 2000, the Clinton administration allowed civilian use of highly accurate GPS signals that had previously been reserved for the military.
GPS triangular your position quicker than you can say "Find me
Pedestrian Mode - TeleNav GPS Navigator can be used while walking, to help guide customers on long walks or through crowded downtown streets.
Antenova will be demonstrating their GPS antenna solutions at 3GSM World Congress, Hall 1 Stand D58, in Barcelona this week.
Use of digital signaling and media broadcasts has increased the demand for the use of network applications fitted with GPS tools, thereby paving the way for cheaper and more reliable GPS devices.
This type of collaboration helps us align our technology process roadmaps with the strategies of innovative companies like GloNav and we look forward to maintaining our relationship as the company continues to design and manufacture RFICs for the growing GPS market.
It also has the unique capability to output data directly via its standard SPI interface, simplifying the interface to general-purpose processors and DSPs for enabling emerging software GPS applications.
By leveraging NemeriX' innovative technology, we're able to deliver the industry's best-performing GPS receivers to our customers.
CSR has acquired Cambridge Positioning Systems Ltd for its Extended GPS (EGPS(TM)) software algorithms for mobile handsets and network server software.