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These impressive features notwithstanding, it's worth taking all personal, handheld GPS measurements with a grain of salt.
Atmel's innovative GPS chip set, consisting of the RF receiver IC ATR0600, the LNA ATR0610 and the baseband IC ATR0620, is industry's best performing GPS product.
Then learn how scientists, police officers, and everyday people are making GPS their eyes in the sky
Voice and on-screen turn-by-turn driving directions - Customers enter or use voice recognition to call in their destinations and TeleNav GPS Navigator computes their routes.
McCray added, "GPS RADIONOVA will allow Antenova to address the growing GPS market which is predicted to reach 322 million GPS enabled mobile handset, PDA's and laptop computers by 2009.
The people tracking and handset market segments under GPS will have the largest growth rate, of approximately 9%, by 2008
The GNR1040 connects directly to GloNav's baseband IP cores, for which GloNav provides GNR1040 software drivers, enabling a complete performance-optimized GPS system.
The GNR1040 GPS receiver contains a fully integrated GPS receive path, including low noise amplifier (LNA), that down-converts the GPS L1 signal 1575.
NemeriX is enabling a new class of Bluetooth-based GPS applications and the i-Blue GPS receivers combine amazing performance, with efficiency that enables them to run for days, as opposed to hours," said Lew Boore, Vice President of Marketing for NemeriX.
CSR saw that GPS solutions needed to be much smaller, lower cost, and less power - and processor - hungry to enable a dramatic increase in mobile handset attach rates for personal positioning and location based services.
With the GPS-500, Harman Kardon has leveraged its years of audio innovation to deliver a consumer-friendly, stylish and high-end portable GPS navigation and multimedia solution combination.