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Access to Basemark GUI Free and Power Board - BasemarkA GUI Free is readily available and it can be downloaded from Google Play: please search for Rightware or Basemark .
As a complete GUI software development solution for resource-constrained devices, PrismX delivers the eye-catching graphical capabilities and time-to-market edge needed for medical, industrial, office automation and consumer markets where user interfaces play an essential role in device design.
Chapter 3 details 18 general principles of GUI design.
There are some not-so-subtle differences among the various GUI platforms.
2) Work Better-Experienced GUI users correctly completed a higher proportion of attempted exercises: 91% vs.
Basemark[R] GUI Free offers versatile result generation in the form of off-screen, vertex streaming, blending and overall test scores.
The new GUI has already been incorporated into the ICOMS system.
Amulet's GEMexpress[TM] GUI OS boards, are available now and are priced at $69 in quantities of 5K units.
The powerful image importing engine allows designers to create graphical content and layered graphic effects in their tool of choice, then simply drag and drop it to the GEMstudio(TM)workspace for creating reusable, resizable GUI components.
For customers looking for a drop-in GUI solution it's the best as all the hardware and software required to design and run the GUI are included.
GEMexpress(TM) also includes a 32 megabit serial flash for storing GUI pages, 64 megabit SDRAM (frame buffer), an integrated 4 or 5 wire touch panel decoder, a dedicated crystal and necessary power management devices.
The addition of Amulet's GUI solutions, including their development kit, controller chips and GUI software, will allow our customers to easily go from LCD evaluation, GUI design to implementation.