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These include population and density increases (11,12), changes in land management that created safe havens for elk (13), and reintroduction of wolves to the GYA (14).
Gaining a better understanding of ecologic and sociologic changes in the GYA and their impact on the epidemiology of this wildlife-livestock-human interface disease is essential to developing effective management strategies.
1 10 83 ortalamasi Tablo 4: Bakim Verenlerin BYE Puanlari ile Hastalarin GYA Puanlari Arasindaki Iliski (n=177) BYE ALT BOYUTLARI GYA BAGIMLILIK DURUMU r p Zaman bagimlilik yuku -0.
Further evidence of this was that the significant pure-line GYA and GBA effects for grain yield and volume weight in the early- and midseason-maturity experiments (Tables 6 and 7) were highly correlated (r = 0.
Abbreviations: GBA, general blending ability; GLM, general linear models; GYA, general yielding ability; SCA, specific competing ability; TGCA, true general competitive ability.
Mean squares for blend residuals adjusted for GYA effects correspond to variance due to TGCA.
Science academies around the world should applaud the efforts of the GYA and welcome them into the established scientific community.
La GYA podria jugar un papel primordial en facilitar la comunicacion entre cientificos y gobierno en beneficio del desarrollo socioeconomico.
The aim of the meeting was to bridge the gap of scientific development in the developing and developed world by providing a forum for scientific exchange and opportunities for GYA members to develop projects with the theme of "Sustainability: Lessons on the road between Rio and Rio+20.
He also joined GYA outreach program on 24th of May and visited different areas of Alexandra down town.