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The late Gilbert Fox, a Gade collector from O'Neill, Neb.
The "Suite Flamenca" collection comprises the dances with which Gades originally began his solo career in 1963.
Fuera de algunos de los lugares comunes andaluces, Gades utilizo para su obra el vocabulario casi minimalista y reiterado que siempre lo caracterizo.
There is a very special code left by Gades," Adrian Galia, dancing in the role of Don JosE[umlaut], told Daily News Egypt.
Gades is all business as he leads a warmup, but once the piece begins, his transformation into the bride's tortured lover is electric.
couple belted their 1 1/2 hp Gade to a Stover burr mill for a flour-grinding demonstration.
Tras su muerte, Gades deja un legado enorme y la certeza de haber sido el coreografo mas reconocido del arte flamenco en el mundo.
Dancer choreographer Antonio Gades brought an intense, seductive glamour to flamenco's powerful vocabulary.