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E nostra opinione che il miglioramento della sintomatologia e le modificazioni che appaiono nelle acquisizioni di Gait Analysis possano essere, in questa paziente, il risultato del lavoro riabilitativo di allungamento muscolare delle catene accorciate.
Progress in gait analysis in amputees: a special review.
The use of 3D Gait Analysis in Parkinson's disease and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
Nonparametric repeated measure analysis (Friedman's Test) was used to investigate the effect of increasing intensity during the treadmill walking practice on walking quality (Rivermead Visual Gait Analysis and visual analogue scale).
All of the subjects also had a gait analysis while walking barefoot, and 19 were analyzed while they wore the specially designed unloading shoes.
It includes a 25-metre four-lane running track, complete with pressure plates sunk into the surface, and gait analysis cameras.
WASHINGTON -- Gait analysis is a promising outcomes assessment tool for children undergoing orthopedic surgery, Norman Y.
Clinical Gait Analysis of human perambulation was used as the primary basis for the physical requirements of the exoskeleton.
The TeleShoe program consists of four segments: online patient registration, an initial interview, digital video gait analysis, and the running report.
The operation, based on the gait analysis, made all the difference in the world.
Walking speed of normal subjects and amputees: aspects of validity of gait analysis.
One example of the new technology is the gait analysis which provides objective information about restored function in people who've had a total hip replacement.