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40) Shotter 1993:154 claims that, even though Tacitus could not approve of Otho's killing of Galba, he nevertheless 'in no way doubted the sincerity and nobility of Otho's suicide'; see also Tac.
Commenting on the Galba Prospect find, Atascosa's Chief Executive, John Mullins, said: "We're very pleased with the success of this well.
Covarrubias is likening his examiners to the stern, elderly figure of Galba and himself to the frightened young soldier.
Galba Araujo's work in northeastern Brazil connecting traditional midwives with the health care system at the first International Conference on Home Birth in London in 1987.
This unwillingness to jump to conclusions permeates the rest of his work on specific works such as the Galba Psalter, Leofric Missal and Warmund Sacramentary.
More problems than solutions soon became apparent, though a lasting impression was given of Vespasian dealing with challenges as an Italian rather than a Roman of noble republican heritage, such as the Julio-Claudian emperors or Galba.
The city of Rome acquired prominent gardens in open areas, which became landmark structures, for instance, those in the area beyond the Tiber, the Horti Aboniani, Horti Pompeii superioris, Horti Maecenatiani; the gardens of Drusus, Lucullus, Cassius, Lamia, Sallust, Silius, Scapulas, Galba, and Regulus were in the
The integration of Kiwiplan, Apriso and SAP software will enable a 'pull schedule' methodology with improved material consumption information, and improved waste reporting and visibility," said Bruce Galba, IT director of supply chain, International Paper.